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Just Vocabulary Reviews

L. Weber, 08/21/2019

Parfect everyday vocab too!

Just vocabulary is a much-needed English vocab tool for everyday conversations. there are plenty of programs for SAT/GRE prep,but this one focuses on word we use and…more

baziyare, 08/20/2019


hi..jan my name is abdiaziz omar originally from somalia now living in seattle washington USA. I’M a logophile or word lover and i revel is listening to your scintillating podcast…more

Chance Ramey, 07/15/2019

Great tool for native English speakers

As a native English speaker, i love to listen to jan’s show. It’s concise and to the point, but he still manages to cover the important details. one example of this is that he…more

Love Mother Earth, 06/07/2012


This helped me a lot with expanding my vocabulary. I really like the repetition & the example sentences. Plus, the host and the podcasts are quite entertaining. It even …more

Old 8 Ball, 04/24/2011

Great GRE Prep!

This is a well-done podcast. The stories & sentences really help remember words. Also, knowing the part of speech is very important for GRE prep. Great job! Just download…more

Che “Da Chach” O’Reilly, 03/18/2009

Thanks for helping me prepare for the GRE

As a grad student, this program really prepared me for the GRE exam I took a couple of years ago. As an English teacher, my students use this as a warm up everyday…more