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Assay (verb, noun)


(v.) 1. to test or examine something to determine its quality and/or components; 2. to try to do something; (n.) 1. a test or analysis; 2. a sample of the thing to be tested; 3. a written report of the analysis

Example Sentences:

– Before they could determine whether what they had found was actually gold, they needed to find someone to assay it.
– Before we bought our house, we had the soil assayed to make sure there were no dangerous chemicals in it.
– There are different assays used to measure the amount of chlorine present in water.
– The assayer determined that the water was full of dangerous petrochemicals


(v.) analyze, assess, examine, (n.) report, analysis


Aseptic (adjective)


 germ-free or designed to protect against infection and germs

Example Sentences:

– I know my dentist’s tools are completely aseptic because after they are sterilized, they are sealed in protective packaging until ready for use.
– An aseptic environment will prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.
– Doctors autoclave their operating tools so that they will be aseptic.
– After summoning help, first aid may be given by applying pressure to the wound with an aseptic bandage.


sterile, sanitary, antiseptic


dirty, contagious

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