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Nest (verb / noun)


1. to fit snugly together or inside one another; 2. to make a comfortable home or make oneself comfortable; 3. to occupy a nest and rear children

Example Sentences:

– The young couple is decorating the nursery and nesting in preparation for their baby.
– Barn owls like to nest in old farm buildings.
– Film-makers who were trying to identify a violence nesting in the culture were accused of trying to incite it 
– My interior stateroom was wedged deep in the center of the ship, like the smallest figure in a set of Russian nesting dolls.


embed, fit, nestle, burrow


Lope (verb, noun)


(v.) to run at a steady, easy pace; (n.) a slow running pace. In equestrian terminology, a lope is a type of run in between a trot and a gallop.

Example Sentences:

– The horse’s gallop slowed to a lope, then to a walk.
– When I came home from work the dog loped across the lawn to greet me.
– A hyena loped by on the far bank, paying us little attention.
– Joe DiMaggio was known for his loping grace on the field, but less talked about is the grace of Lou Gehrig, to name another old-school Yankee.




walk, gallop

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