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Harness (verb)


1. to control and direct something for a purpose; 2. to keep something in check; 3. to put a harness (straps) on an animal

Example Sentences:

– You should harness your excitement for the time being, because you don’t know the outcome of the experiment yet.
– We can harness the energy of the winds, the seas, the sun. But the day man learns to harness the energy of love, that will be as important as the discovery of fire.
– Turkey plans to harness the waters of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers for big hydro-electric power projects.


tame, control, reign in


Restrained (adjective)


1. held back or kept in check; 2. characterized by restraint, not showy or emotional

Example Sentences:

– Dana’s usually restrained behavior changed when he spent time with certain friends who encouraged his boisterous side.
– Brian restrained his smile at the poker table, he wanted to remain inscrutable so as not to give away his good hand.
– The face of the gangster firmed and he spoke with restrained anger.


controlled, discreet, guarded,


bold, showy, emotional, aggressive

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