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Jovial (adjective)


Friendly and cheerful,  Think of the related noun joy, which means “something that gives pleasure.” Jovial describes personalities or moods that are joyful. It is a good compliment for someone who is usually in a cheerful and optimistic mood.

Example Sentences:

– I was in a very jovial mood after I received my promotion, and I took all my colleagues out to celebrate.
– „He was a hard shrewd jovial politician, whose acts of kindness served his interest and whose interest was himself.
– Hello Mr President, said Jerry Seinfeld, shaking Barack Obama’s hand jovially.


 happy, amiable, cheerful,


 depressed, unhappy, sad


Devise (verb)


To create, invent or creatively think up an idea or plan. To invent or come up with a creative and intelligent idea, solution, or plan.

Example Sentences:

– I would like each of you to try to devise a strategy for launching our new product line.
– “A good story cannot be devised; it has to be distilled”
– “Culture is all the things and ideas ever devised by humans working and living together.”


plan, arrange, design, invent

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