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Epitaph (noun)


a memorial speech, poem, or short bit of writing about someone who has passed away, most often written on a tombstone. An epitaph is written usually shortly after someone dies to commemorate the person’s life.

Example Sentences:

– My grandma’s gravestone has an epitaph which reads, “Devoted wife and mother.”
– The epitaph he wrote for his grandfather was quite moving.
– For devoted pet owners, there exists an online pet cemetery for sentimental epitaphs.


eulogy, inscription


Valid (noun)


1. grounded in truth or logic; 2. sound and justifiable; 3. legally acceptable. A valid argument, for example, is a strong argument. A valid driver’s license or passport is one that is not expired and is legally acceptable. The related noun validity denotes truth, logic, or acceptance.

Example Sentences:

– Mark’s point is valid, and the other debater was willing to give it further consideration.
– Since Anna didn’t have a valid I.D. to prove her age, the bouncer wouldn’t let her into the club.
– The validity of your statements has not been proven, so I’m disinclined to believe you.


sound, logical, justifiable


 invalid, unsound, expired,

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