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Remuneration (noun)


1. payment or compensation for services rendered or losses sustained; 2. the act of paying or compensating someone

Example Sentences:

– The Labour Union is not asking for a lot; they just want fair remuneration for their members .
– Marc asked his colleagues what should be a fair remuneration for people who participate in the survey.
– I was afraid that paying for the damages to her car wasn’t enough remuneration for having caused the accident.


payment, compensation, honorarium


Credulity (noun)


readiness or willingness to believe, especially on slight or uncertain evidence

Example Sentences:

– John is so credulous that he believes everything he reads on Facebook.
– Phoebe’s credulity was a source of amusement to her friends, who would often make up ridiculous stories in the hope that she would believe them, which she often did.
– The psychic took advantage of the credulity of those who really wanted to hear from their deceased relatives.


gullibility, simplicity, confidence, assurance



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