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Curt (adjective)


Spoken shortly and often rudely–terse. It’s similar to the words brief and concise, but those words usually have a positive connotation. curt means “short” in a negative, often impolite, way.

Example Sentences:

– We all know Clint is a busy man, but he still didn’t need to be so curt with his secretary when she asked him a question.
– The delayed business man gave only a curt nod to the flight attendant before boarding.
– Steve is an efficient worker, but he is often curt to his peers when they ask him rudimentary questions.


terse, abrupt, brusque, short


gracious, lengthy


Ogle (verb)


To stare or look at someone in a lustful or flirtatious way. Ogle can also be used to denote staring at something you want, to look at especially with greedy attention,

Example Sentences:

– Lisa could feel the waiter ogling her, and it made her feel uncomfortable
– Mitch ogled CJ in the red bikini as she ran along the beach.
– The men sat at the bar, ogling women as they passed by.


leer, gawk, stare

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