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Weary (adjective)


 (adj.) tired and out of energy; (v.) 1. to get tired of something or someone; 2. to make somebody tired or impatient. When you are weary, you are worn out; there has been wear on your system and you are very tired. As a verb, weary is a more sophisticated way of saying “tire,” as in: “His constant nagging wearies (tires) me.”

Example Sentences:

– My dad was weary after straining exercises with physio therapist.
– Can you please be quiet for a while, you weary me with your constant nagging.
– I’ve grown very weary of this project, and I wish I could move on to something else.


tired, fatigued,


refreshed, energized


Impunity (noun)


exemption or immunity from harm, especially punishment or retribution, as a result of one’s actions or words. Impunity is a great word to describe anyone who is given license to say or do something that others would not have license to do.

Example Sentences:

– Freedom of speech enables people to say controversial things with impunity.
– In recent years, Crime is so rampant in Amsterdam that it feels like criminals are terrorizing the city with impunity.
– The old dictator of the country enjoy diplomatic immunity, he walked around and did as he pleased with impunity.


 license, exemption,

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