In this special Guest Episode I speak with Lindsay McMahon from the hugely popular podcast All Ears English. This podcast is all about connection, not perfection.
I strongly recommend our listeners to check out All Ears English. In this interview she shares 3 ingredients for Connection in English.

1- Take the focus off of English and put it on things that interest you. Use English to do other things (take a cooking class in English, etc.)

2- Open your “brain box”- prepare yourself mentally before you go into a situation in English. Write down some words you expect to hear. Questions you expect to get. This reduces panic and helps you focus on connection.

3- Moment by Moment- Each moment is a new chance. In any given moment, when we are in a conversation we have the option to find a way to connect or we can turn inward and get crippled by our feelings of not being good enough. Make the choice to turn outward. If you made a mistake 10 seconds ago, move on. How can you connect NOW.

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