Just Vocabulary is a daily 5 minute (audio) podcast, aimed at growing your English vocabulary.  

The English language has a very large vocabulary and the goal of the Just Vocabulary podcast is to share with the listener the English words that I found whilst reading, listening audiobooks, watching movies, etc.



Hi, my name is Jan Folmer (1979), and I am the producer/host of the JustVocabulary podcast. I am originally from The Netherlands, and in 2004 I moved to Cape Town, South Africa. Dutch is my first language, or mother tongue as they say. English is my second language, and I really needed to improve my vocabulary beyond my basic high school vocabulary. I looked for ESL podcasts that introduced vocabulary only I could not find a podcast so I created one myself. I hope you enjoy the daily content! 


I found that there were many words in the English vocabulary where I had no idea what they meant. I found those words whilst reading articles or listening to audiobooks and podcasts, but also watching movies and series. The Just Vocabulary podcast is where I share those words with you, the listener. 

The podcast is for anyone who wants to increase their English Vocabulary on a daily basis. Most of our listeners are ESL (English as second language) students.  
The podcast is short and sweet, and it’s on demand. No matter where you are, you can improve your English on the go! 


The Just Vocabulary podcast has 3 show formats:

  1. Regular Just Vocabulary episodes (2 words in 5 minutes, every day)
  2. Weekly Recap (once a week, review/quiz of last weeks’ words)
  3. Power Hour (summary of 20 episodes – 40 words each)

The daily episode is about 5 minutes in length. During each episode we introduce 2 English words where I give example sentences first. By listening to the examples you might even be able to guess the meaning. The examples are followed by the definition of the word with synonyms and antonyms and, if useful, the history of the word. At the end of the show we always review 1 word from a previous episode. 

Most of the words are from the GRE word list which makes Just Vocabulary ideal for study purposes.